October 2020 – The ECR-net working group is recruiting new members

October 2020 – The ECR-net working group is recruiting new members

Do you want to help support our fantastic community and improve career development and well-being? The IAVCEI’s Early-Career Researcher Network (ECR-Net) is renewing its working group, and seeking 5 motivated and enthusiastic new ECR members. The aim of the working...

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Early-Career Researchers Network

Meet the current ECR-Net Working Group members (2015-2017)

Meet the current ECR-Net Working Group members (2015-2017) Go to the webpage

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About IAVCEI’s Early-Career Researchers Network

The IAVCEI ECR-Net is a global group of volcanology researchers dedicated to connecting Early-Career Researchers in volcanology and related subdisciplines worldwide, and providing them with useful resources for career development.

The IAVCEI Early-Career Researchers Network (ECR-Net) was established during the IAVCEI 2013 conference in Kagoshima (Japan) by a group of Early-Career enthusiasts and then-IAVCEI President Ray Cas, in order to (1) support career development, (2) form an active network and (3) coordinate specific activities for early-career volcanologists. Since then, the ECR-Net working group has held several social meetings, interacted with IAVCEI’s Executive Committee, set up ECR discussion platforms on social media, organised virtual panels, as well as developed ECR-dedicated programs during major conferences (e.g. IAVCEI General Assembly, Cities on Volcanoes conference, IUGG General Assembly).

Ongoing efforts include the following:

Supporting career development

  • Hold workshops at IAVCEI-sponsored meetings: Q&A sessions with senior scientists, scientific CV writing, job opportunities, publishing, grant proposal writing, etc.;
  • Hold virtual Q&A panels with members of the research community to discuss career development;
  • Develop an online forum for Q&A with senior scientists, linking to job opportunities, etc.

Forming an active network to share resources

  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, VHUB) as informal ways to distribute ECR-specific information,g., international funding and partnership opportunities, ECR-Net activities, etc.;
  • Produce an ECR-Net newsletter highlighting cutting-edge research by early-career volcanologists worldwide (within IAVCEI News);
  • Highlight ECR news and science from listservs, websites, and journals.

Co-ordinate early-career specific activities at IAVCEI assemblies and involvement in IAVCEI

  • Increase opportunities for ECR involvement and recognition, e.g., develop an award to recognize early career scientists, and/or dedicated ECR events.
  • Increase involvement of early-career researchers in convening sessions and IAVCEI commissions;
  • Hold early-career specific pre-/post-conference workshops to provide training, networking and feedback/advice on presentations of other topics of early-career interest.