2019 Activities

EGU-AGU 2019:

Both EGU and AGU have strong Early-Career programs of themselves running at their assemblies. It is therefore our view not to intervene or organize a parallel program, but rather support the existing programs where possible by raising awareness of the ongoing ECR programs as much as possible with IAVCEI ECR members through our social media channels. The AGU Volcanology, Geochemistry, Petrology section had their own ECR event with mentors that we helped advertise. We did not run a separate event.

IUGG 2019: Montreal

During IUGG 2019 an “Early-Career Fair” entitled “Forming and enhancing connections between ECR’s and experts from Academia, Publishing and Industry” was organized to connect ECR’s to experts from academia, publishing and industry with the core aim of allowing ECR’s to ask questions about career paths within and outside of academia as well as on how to get published. The event was mainly organized by Stephan Kolzenburg and Romain Lauzeral and supported by members of the ECR-Net WG and the ECR-Rep: Sam Poppe, Oryaëlle Chevrel, Elisa Rumpf, James Muller, Hannah Dietterich and Julia Eychenne.

The event took place between 6:30 and 10 pm at Thompson house, 3650 McTavish street, Montreal. We offered tickets for two drinks at the entrance to all ECRs. Overall, we had ~70 ECR participants total (people come and go during the mixer) and nine expert guest speakers. This was financed by the IAVCEI budget for ECR-Net activities (930 $CAN).

We started the social event with a quick and informal 1-2minute introduction of each expert/mentor (see picture). Following this, the participants were invited to disperse around the room and find the expert they are interested in talking to. Each expert was assigned a table that included a label with the respective name and topic. For some topics there were multiple mentors, and we grouped these at adjoining tables so they could group together if needed. We invited participants and experts to let the discussion go wherever it takes them and did not prescribe a specific topic or agenda – allowing for the participants to ask for any career related information they might be interested in.

This event was a great occasion to meet the ECR community of IUGG as well as international experts. Many new connections were made between generations (from masters to senior scientists and publishers) and between nationalities. The very positive feedbacks we received strengthened the idea that such activities are needed. In particular, many ECRs were grateful for the event because they got to know new people and realized they were not alone being at a conference for the first time.

Logo contest for IAVCEI

After the success of the ECR-Net logo contest, the IAVCEI EC, which planned to renew their logo for the society’s centennial celebration, asked us to organize a logo contest on social media. We therefore sent announcements on Twitter and Facebook. The call opened on Oct 25 and closed on Dec. 23 2018.  Six people responded with a total of 9 designs.  These were sent to IAVCEI EC in early January 2019. From those, the new IAVCEI logo was chosen.